Being overly sweet makes you lose interest?

i don't know if you call it being moody or something else but I've this problem where I don't really seem to enjoy when a guy I'm dating is really sweet all the time and being all lovey dovey.. I enjoy having fun or more productive kind of conversations on various topics but when the guy only acts sweet and lovey dovey all the time it kinda puts me off, I'm going through the same thing rite now with the guy I'm dating and it just feels weird. is it normal to feel this way or do I've some issues? lol and what could be the reason?

btw this isn't the first time I have felt this way, it happened previously too and I kinda lost interest at some point, and I don't do this on purpose but I don't know why but it just happens!


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  • You're still immature. You don't like guys that care about you so just spend a few more years getting used until you wise up. =) The reality is you can date someone who is distant and doesn't really give a f*** about you. You'll probably think they are hot, that they are what you want, and you will work to get them and hold on to them, but they'll just think you are OK to pass the time... Your heart will get smash, shredded, burned, and stomped on if you let your feelings catch because they will leave you when they want something else. Just because a guy cares about you don't mean he won't stand up to you or lacks a backbone. It just means you are finally with someone who values you a little bit. In the start of a relationship guys will be unsure about a girl, then if they do actually like her feelings start to catch and they might be a little "weak" for a few months but they snap out of that little love spell as the relationship matures. Then you're left with a guy that will be a guy but still gives a damn about you. The question is, can you return that to him as well...

    • lol you'll see... later you'll be kicking yourself for leaving that guy for being too nice. =P It's no wonder why naive girls are on this site all the time saying why do guys just want sex. =P

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  • I could see how constant lovey dovey could get annoying. Does he ever act neutral?

    • yeah but even then he's very sweet, he'll agree with watever I say and that pisses me off lol I mean one shud have an opinion of their own too rite? you can't just keep on agreeing with everything because that's how one learns new things from each other by having discussions and giving your own point of view.

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    • Again... proof to no backbone. No independence of mind.

    • There is a balance between sweet and saying how you feel.

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  • Girl its completely normal and it's your biological defense against spineless ass kissers. Just warning you though the guys you will be attracted to won't take sh*t from you and you will have to work hard so as not to fall in the same unattractive trap of ass kissing and doing as he bids.

    • i guess your right but this guy I'm dating rite now, I've known him for sometime now and he's a nice guy, he shares everything with me even before we started going out but he's sweet to me all the time and acts bit immature too, so I kinda get turned off.. what shud I do about this?

    • Courtship is a game where you want your enemy to have an edge over you but who doesn't completely control you and your time. Right now you are completely controling him and that is unattractive for you.

  • I'm exactly the same.

    It makes me feel uncomfortable - and honestly if the only thing I have to talk about with the guy I'm seeing is how much I like him, or how much he likes me; it's going to be a very dull relationship.

    I want someone with their own two feet. With their own opinion. I'm not saying I want a guy who isn't nice - just ... someone with a little more about them. I don't enjoy being complimented constantly, or a guy being overly nice constantly.


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