If I don't message we don't talk?

I have been seeing this guy for awhile now we slept together last night for the first time (we are both 21 and neither of us sleep around). However when I see him in person his so fun, sweet, caring etc but I always need to text first and organise us to catch up etc... his never had a proper girlfriend and a lot of girls try on him so I don't want to be needy/desperate etc but if we make plans he generally forgets we have plans because he has pretty bad ADD and I really like him and I know he likes me but what can I do to not seem so needy - If I don't text him I don't think we would talk... but when we see each other he says things like "your way out of my league" "I really love being with you" please help because I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place! thank you xxx


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  • Slow it down on your side, and when together, make sure he is aware that you like it when he text you, because guys with ADD can feel offish about contacting a girl in case she don't want to talk, so keep reassuring him that you like it when he rings or text and let him know you will always respond if he ever text, this should get him thinking of you more and wanting to text, good luck,x


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  • Men don't talk as much as girls - why do so many girls have a hard time with this concept?

    Stick to what you're good at, girls - talking.


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