Where do I go from here?

I texted my crush saying he's pretty cute:) and he responded same back to you:) What do I do from here? Should I sit back and wait for him to do something? He flirted with me a lot recently. I'm worried he won't text me first or anything:/ And I know a lot of guys don't like being called cute, do you think I screwed this up?


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  • No we do like being cute ha ha it's just like when we call you cute. You like it but you'd prefer pretty and beautiful. We don't mind being called cute but we'd prefer nice or handsome as they are the equivalent to pretty and beautiful.

    I don't think you screwed it up. If he wants to ask you out he will don't rush it...you've got your whole life ahead of you with guys and dolls

  • You did not to anything wrong, ask him out then?


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