Does she still like me?

Im seriously confused and I need a 2nd opinion. This girl and I were in a 4 month relationship that ended 3 months ago. We were each others' first relationship and We were perfect for each other and we both acknowledged this, but I was immature and the relationship was way too serious so we had a mutual breakup. I begged for her back, cried in front of her, etc and then there was NC for a month before she messaged me saying she wanted to talk again.

Ever since then she's always looking at me, even now that we're talking, and she's been acting somewhat weird. Whenever we first started seeing each other in the halls we'd smile at each other, and in class we'd smile at each other as well. When we first started talking again I asked her if she liked me and she got all defensive and said no, but idk. friends tell me she always looks at me quickly and looks away, and recently she's started texting me more... She on occasion tweets at me and comments on my instagram photos. Yesterday she playfully hit me in the cheek when I wasn't paying attention. She even triple texted me yesterday lol. I know she doesn't want a relationship and I'm fine with that. I asked her to go to soccer with me and she said she'd go if her friends did... So she must still be nervous. And one of her friends told me she doesn't consider me a friend... And she confessed to another friend, prior to us talking again, that she missed me. I try flirting with her over text and she takes the flirting and responds to it but other than her frequent "awws" and "hi :)" there's nothing from her.

Whats going on lol?


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  • Most of her action tells me that she is still interested but she doesn't want to admit it, I would say if you really like the girl and want her back you should just have a serious talk to find out what she really wants for you, so that way if she's just playing flirting games with you, you don't get your hopes up and a broken heart. Its better to know now


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  • breakups cause a lot of hurt and take time to heal you are both around each other such a short time after the painful breakup,mutual or takes time to build trust again..

  • yes she like you


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