Should I wait for her to text me back?

My friend introduced me to his girlfriends friend right before I even met her he told me that she had been through a bad break up and got hurt really bad from her ex, so he told me that I need to take it slow. Anyways when he introduced me to her I was nervous, naturally. She is very cute and I would like to talk to her even more. we texted for a day and is was obvious that we were flirting with each other but then she just stopped after I sent a winking face. I thought I had gone a little fast with the wink face but we had been talking for 3 hours and I figured it would be cute to send her that while complimenting how I like her laugh. Now I'm not sure if I should text her back cause I'm nervous and I felt that I moved a little fast for her. Should I text her back again or just wait.


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  • no I would wait,the winky face was not a bad thing,but if she recently broke up with her boyfriend,maybe the winky face was something he used to do and may have triggered past memories,maybe not,but don't worry,she needs time,and you do not want to be a patient and let her respond to u,u were the last text,her turn,like tennis of any other sport..u throw the ball or hit it and wait for the opponent to hit or throw it back for the game to continue,cant play solo


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