Guys: Would you text a girl all night if you

Didn't have any interestin her what so ever?

Last night me and my crush texted from like 5 pm to one am and only stopped because he was about to pass out from being tired. There were almost 100 texts exchanged and he was being flirty/using a lot of smiley faces, so I'm curious. Is he interested? :)

I'm not good with figuring out these things. :) he hasn't texted me today, I don't know if that will make a difference.


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  • He is playing it smart. He is backing off after going all the way in establishing he is interested in you as a person as well as potentially more. He has made the first move and now is playing it smart by recognizing the #1 truth about women in the beginning of a potential relationship - leave her thinking about you and you taking initative because doing more and too frequently will never be as successful as having her think of you when you are not there. A woman's mind rules her libido more than any man's action does...he is being'smooth' making you want him more but the importance is that next move he makes goes beyond texting. :)

  • D'uh, yes he's interested.


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