Let me think about it...

I was dating this guy for about 10 months and all of a sudden he breaks up with me... Through a text!

I saw him a week later because he had some of my things. (he lives an hour and a half away) I asked him why? Why did he out of the blue just end it... Like that!

He answered me, "Oh, little things that been piling up..." (Things I rather not say) I told him why couldn't we work on it? He agreed he should of talked to me about it so that we could of worked on things. I told him that I didn't want to end things just yet. I wanted to talk about it to see if we can work on this. At the end he said, "Let me think about it and I'll get back to you..." I hugged him goodbye and he grabbed me and held me there for a bit...

The whole time while we were talking he kept holding his arms to his chest and looking at the ground. I was nervous wreck while I was talking to him... When I handed him his things he looked even sadder!

This happened last Saturday and now its Tuesday. I texted him Sunday after this happened. that's the last time we contacted.

Now I'm freaking out wondering why he hasn't called or texted me... And the saying LET ME THINK ABOUT IT!

If this is in the wrong category I'm sorry!
Alright. I got a hold of him last Friday and we talked for a good 30 minutes... I asked him if he thought about us and he said he needed more time. We've been broken up for almost two weeks. What does this mean...?


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  • Old world charm. It's a rarity. Now everyone wants to settle their business in a text, on Facebook, etc... This is perfectly fine if both people are happy doing it that way!

    But in your case, it looks like that is not so -- but you're not wrong for demanding class either -- you have just as much right to insist on the social conventions you like as he does to use his. Imo, he should at least try a proper breakup.

    So to answer your question why he say those things? It's just the way he was raised. It is his era; the entire generation operates this way. He's thinking about it because he wants to make an impartial decision himself without you standing there influencing it.

    My advice is don't take his methods personal because he is a product of his generation, but you should also communicate to him the way you would like him to communicate to you.

    • I told him the way I see relationships is communication and trust. But the real question is... How long do I wait..?

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    • Sounds like a plan. Good luck. Remember to forthright and assertive, but don't slip into aggression either. He may say some things that will hurt. Get a piece of paper ready just in case. Write anything down that hurts you. It could be helpful later.

    • Broken for two weeks? Sounds grim.

      Well look on the bright side, at least you can start looking for a man who can figure out what he wants.

  • Wow, that is pretty weird. Do you think he was seeing someone else? maybe he was in over his head.

    • I highly doubt he is/was lol He's the type of guy who does keep to himself. All he does atm in his current residence is fish/hunt... He works for the DNR x.x

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