Do you think we're dating? or just friends? I need a third party opinion..

I've known this guy since March, so close to 6 almost 7 months now.

(background info here) QUESTION BELOW THIS.

We met on a dating website. Start casually talking. He's in the Military and somewhat close to my town (20 minutes). We've hung out in person twice. One time at the mall and the other the movies. Due to our work schedules and him being underway sometims and me on vacation we haven't been able to spend a lot of in person time but we do talk a lot. When he is away we are in constant communication via email (when he's on the ship). when he is home, even if we're both busy working opposite schedules we will still talk on the phone and text (more than phone)

Do you think we're dating? Or just friends? We haven't kissed yet. Hugged, yes.

He emailed me recently asking if I'd like a gift since he is in another country right now for a few weeks. A month before this he mentioned another girl he met on the dating site, long story short she was too clingy and he ended up changing his number and giving me the new one and telling me everything that happened.

We do flirt a lot (at least I think so) He knows I like him. He's told me he kind of likes me too.

A friend asked me who he was to me, and I told him he was someone I am dating, but then I thought about it? Are we considered 'dating' ?

i HAVEN'T had the talk with him yet. I don't want to push it. I'm not trying to rush. But I'm wondering. Would you say we're dating..?

I am a bit inexperienced.

We touch each other a lot in person like tickling, poking and all of the flirty things. So it makes me feel like more than friends. He said he "kind of sort of maybe" likes me too. He said it shyly with a smile after I whispered "I like you"

What can I do to get out of the 'friend zone' if I am in it?

He's talked about kissing me before. And we give each other text kisses. But, I am kind of shy so I don't know if I give off open body language for that in person, I don't pay attention lol


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  • techniqually you are going on a date him when you meet him in person but your relationship with him would be friends. Unless you went around holding each others hands or walking with at least one of you having their hand/arm around or on the other back or shoulders then yes it would be considered dating


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  • You are not dating. Especially if he "kind of" likes you. Stay out of the friend zone.

  • Friends imo

    • ok, what gave the impression of friends? I'm just trying to see how you arrived at your answer :)

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    • Knowing someone for 6 months and not kissing is kind of weird to me, but he might just be very shy. Don't give up on it yet

    • we've only seen each other twice because he's in the military and we both have work schedules that are opposite sometimes. plus 3 out of the 6 months he's been on the ship underway

      but we're in constant communication

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