Dating a guy, I have no clue what do to!

Okay so this is my first real relationship. Other guys have been in HS and they weren't experienced in any relationships. I legitimately didn't kiss any of them. They were that shy and never had gfs.

So this is a guy who I've hungout with 5 time all together. Date one was coffee, date 2 was dinner, date 3 movie at his house. (he kissed me goodbye that night) date 4 and 5 have been hanging out with him at his house playing so video games and movies. We've kissed goodbye and that's it. Oh and when sitting together the arm around me etc. So he textes me and was like "So I wanted to makeout with you last night but wasn't sure how you felt about that lol and the whole sex topic :)" I replied with in a nutshell that I'm old fashioned and I was going to wait a month to ask you if we were together, I'm just not the friends with benefits type. He replied back with "I got you:)"

I'm freaking out right now. I REALLY like him, and I just don't know what to do. I deff know we won't be sleeping together for a long time. but I don't want to get into what feels like a relationship if it isn't. When your dating, what's like the norm you do before you're together? Help!


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  • The norm befor you're together is exactly that, next time you hang out and get close to making out and actually do then it's pretty much official. By the way I think what he means by "i got you" is that he understands and pretty much agrees.

    • I did text him back and said "if you don't mind me asking, what are you looking for? we never really talked about it haha" my friend told me before I went out with him for our 3rd date that I should see what he was looking for. I accidentally was in a friends with "benefits" relationship for a year. "Oh I thought you knew"haha so I'm a little worried that, that will happen again! I hope he doesn't think I'm crazy or something to be asking him that.

    • Well he hasn't texted me back yet, which is worrying me that I may have ruined it. I hope I didn't. Seems like a logical question to ask him what he's looking for right?

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