He likes me but won't ask me out?

What do I do about this guy? It all started this summer when we started talking more, texting and becoming more flirty with one another.

Then we brought up the idea of dating in Sep. He seemed hesitant. About 2 weeks ago we had an hour long convo about everything and he told me he liked me. He said he is just nervous, hasn't been on a date in "like 6 years" (we are only 22--- I honestly don't think he has ever been on a date, which I am fine with because I reallllly like him). He said OK we'll just have to pick a day when we're both off and we;ll go out.

Last week he voiced that this is really hard for him, he won't know what to say on a date, he doesn't want to mess anything up between us. I tried to reassure him that we're fine, we get along great, we can do something low key like a movie. He said OK, one day next week when I find out when I'm off.

(That would be this week)... no date is planned though. We still text everyday, he calls me his "unofficial gf," he alludes to me being his girlfriend,

We have not done anything by the way (no kissing, we don't even hang out-- he is afraid to!)

I am just getting very frustrated with the situation because I know he likes me, a lot, but I just don't understand why he is not asking me out. Will he ever? I've told him I am not going to wait forever. I honestly think this is all nerves because he has prob never been on a date before, had a girlfriend, whatever.

How can I move things along without being annoying? What can I do to make him more comfortable? We text each other everyday, should I limit that?

I feel like things are going to be worse if we keep heading down this road but not progressing the relationship. What can I do? I don't want to give up on him...but I am getting very annoyed. (I'm not very experienced either by the way, but I am not agfraid to take a risk and go out with him)


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  • "He said he is just nervous"

    "Last week he voiced that this is really hard for him, he won't know what to say on a date, he doesn't want to mess anything up between us."

    You already answered your question. If you want this to go somewhere don't play games like 'not contacting him'. Tell him lets go out ____, you obviously have to set the plans or nothing is going to happen.

    • So I should give him an ultimatum?

      I kind of did. Last Sunday, I said you have 2 weeks to ask me out and he said OK. so then he brought up the movies but never set a date/finalized plans. I haven't reminded him of it.

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    • I don't get the whole 'ask me out' you both like each other.. I don't get the need for that lol

    • Haha yeah true. Well I was just waiting on him, even though he likes me back, he just finallydidn't seem ready. But I saw him today and he finally set.date for our first date! Woohoo

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