He just stopped responding to my texts or FB messages. Why do guys do this?

I have a very close guy friend who out of the blue just stopped responding to my texts or FB messages. One day he's texting me a pic of his latest piece of art he created and the next day I text him a pic of his favorite drink and he doesn't respond. I've messaged him twice since then and he won't answer me. I've gone over and over in my head what I could have done and there's nothing! Just recently he gave me two pieces of art it took hours to make and gave me a DVD to watch of him performing in a martial arts exhibit. I was very complimentary on these things, so I'm just really confused. What is UP with him?


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  • There could be various reasons:

    1. He thinks (because of the things you do for him and praise his work etc) that you may be falling for him and he wants to stop that from happening cause he's not interested in you in that way.

    2. He's self absorbed (which is not something you have mentioned)

    3. He's too tied dowin either with some work or something is wrong in his life that is stopping him from reverting.

  • your friend is self-absorbed, he's not your boyfriend & even if he was I would recommend leaving him, just don't pay him any mind then.


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