She is interested but it's a little shady.

I met this girl 5 days ago and Well we have been texting since then almost everyday... I'm a little confused because she told me again she had a boyfriend twice! But then today she said she was in a 7 year relationship and is always using the past tense when she mentions it. So I'm guessing she is not with him and single. But might still be thinking of him. I don't know.. And she flirts with me but it's more like teasing and flirting at the same time. And then it gets kinda awkward I don't know... Like today we were texting

and I said I'm a good cook and she said she can massage good (because she is a massage therapist) and so I said "ok well I never had a massage" and she says "And I never had you're cooking either ; )" and so I said I would cook her a dinner and she gives me a massage but then she says "I don't give massage's for food but thanks for the offer." and I got a little confused...

and that's how it been she said she had a good time hanging out with me and dancing when I met her and she wants to hang out again.

SHE actually texted me first the next day but lately it's been me texting her but she replies to every text I send. So we're always conversing... I don't know the right time to ask her out on a date ? Or I should wait to hang out first.

And I'm having trouble trying to figure out if she likes me or not!

Ladies? Fellas? I need a little help.. Any little advice would help me out.


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  • sounds kinda like she was joking - even if she isn't, I'd ask - well, do you give massages for fun? or you could just ask, then what do I gotta do to get a massage? if nothing else, just say hey, I'd still like to have you over for dinner some time.

    related story - kinda funny - I met this girl in my apartment complex and she was looking for pliers to fix something at her house. I went and got her some from my place, and offered to fix it for her, so I went over, and it took like 2 minutes. I ended up staying and hanging out for a few hours, but I was really tired, and at one point, she asked what we should do. jokingly, I laid down and said I'll take a nap, and you can give me a massage. she was like OK, and so she actually gave me one. it was sweet. best first meeting of a girl I've ever had.

  • Well dude I don't know why people like to make things difficult. If I was you I wll ask her if we could hang out with some friends and if it would be OK with her boyfriend. If she says "he doesn't mind" OK there you go, she has a boyfriend and I wouldn't be messing around with her because she is taken. If she is sick and tired of her 7 year relationship she should break up and go single instead of trying to TOY with you.

    It's not fair for you nor her boyfriend if she has one. If you try to be the shadow man then think about it, she will do the same thing to you what she is doing to her boyfriend (IF SHE HAS ONE). If she is single then be her friend and then tell her that you want to be more than a friend and if she feels the same way. If not then at least you know that you better move on and try your luck somewhere else.

    DONT GET INVOLVED IN OTHER PEOPLE PROBLEMS! Be stress free and enjoy your life, there's lots of fish in the sea.

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