He texts first but doesn't reply?

I don't know, we went on a first date and it was all good wasn't a dull moment the entire time. We didn't kiss as we both like to take things slow just a really tight hug and he texted me like two hours after the date, and the next day we texted a lot as well. Just now he'll text me once a day and I'm confused.

Just what exactly does it mean when a guy does that? Really he can simply say that it was nice date but I think we're more like friends if he wants to let a girl down nicely right? Thing is I'm not the type of girl to try to force something that isn't there. If there isn't a mutual liking no point in fussing over it, no one has the ability to change how someone feels about them just move on and don't lead people on.

I understand busy schedules but I do believe no one is that busy especially if you like someone. I only initiated a text once...now I'm just not even going to bother because I don't want to be invested in a guy I barely know even if I really like him, besides it would be clingy. But honestly is he just trying to see how things go like if he likes me or not...cause I thought the date went well. Either way if things persist like this should I just ask him about it or just let it die out?


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  • Enough with the texting already. Find a cool event that you think he might enjoy that's going on this upcoming weekend. Call him and tell him you'd like to see him again and suggest the event. Simple problem, simple solution.


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