Is it possible for a guy to lose interest like that overnight?

Alright, I met this guy at work about 2 months ago. We flirted but I found out he had a girlfriend. He told me once he was kinda dating but he wanted to get to know mw better since he liked me and thought I was fun and stunningly beautiful. We started texting each other one week before he left work to go to college. We texted for about one month, never called each other. In the first week or so he used to tell me he missed me and that he couldn't stop thinking about me, but he hasn't said it anymore. We even had a date planned to one week after he left work but a few days before the date he said he would need to take a rain check because he was busy with his house and school. Since then he has never asked me on a date again. But one day when I pressured him about he he said he wanted to hang out but he needed to get his head wrapped around things so he could move on. He said he really wanted to get to know me better and that he didn't change his mind about us. one week ago he came up with an excuse on Monday about why he didn't text on Sunday. On Monday he only texted about 2 sentences and he didn't answer one of my questions so I didn't text anything else, like I always do. On Tuesday I only said hi and hours later he texted saying he was busy doing a project and that he would text me later. It has been 8 days and he hasn't texted me once. I haven't texted him either since he sent me that text. How can someone change from wine to water like that? I don't know what happened. I don't know if I should send one single text or not. I don't know if maybe he needs time but I know he has been less busy. I don't want to text because I don't want it to seem like I am running after him but what's bothering me is that he changed like that. We always had a great time together at work and even when we texted we had fun. Any thoughts on what I should do? I really like him and I know he liked me because he said it and everyone at work even teased him and me about it and he would go along with it. I don't know if he still likes me given the facts. We even had lunch during work once and he said we should do it again. But he didn't like to show his feeling at work. Is it possible for a guy to lose interest like that overnight? Do you think he still likes me ? Any thoughts on what may have happened? Thank you so much guys!


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  • Yes, it's possible. Looks like he was stringing you along and wanted to keep you as back up in case he broke up with his girlfriend. Guys tend to "show" their intent unlike us girls. Know that he may lie. If he doesn't show that he cares he's playing you. Guys that are serious about a girl will make an effort to keep in touch and even ask us out. He might be one of those guys who don't feel comfortable telling you straight out he's no longer interested. He might secretly be hoping that you stop txting him so do him and yourself a favor and just stop.