Guys, if you enjoy talking to a girl. Why would you suddenly stop texting/talking to them?

So there is this guy, that I talk to on fb. I know him, since he goes to my school, however he is one year older than me, therefore we do not have the same classes. He is extremely smart, and focuses on schoolwork though he sometimes procrastinate. I also focus on schoolwork too.

There was a couple of times when I was talk to him on fb, he told me that I was fun to talk to, and that I'm hilarious. I told him that he was like that too, that he was also fun to talk to etc. However, most of these convos I had to start them first. It's like he starts it once every 6 times I start it.

I was just wondering, if he thinks I'm fun to talk with, why doesn't he start the convo? He recently texted me, and we started talking, then all of a sudden he stopped texting me =/ I didn't give him a short answer.

He doesn't really seem interested in me, should I give it a break for now? Or should I just give up on him? I mean like he's all that I want in a guy, so meeh. I don't see him often at school either. I usually only see him 1-3 times a week.

Also, I was wondering why you would suddenly stop texting a girl?


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  • He is busy with schoolwork or afraid that he will annoy you if he texts you more. I would suddenly stop texting a girl if she was being obnoxious or rude.

    • But he told me once that he is scared that he is bothering me, but since I am fun to talk to, he doesn't want to leave. =/

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    • You do it. I don't think he will, especially if he is the shy type.

    • Okaaiee, I shall then. Thank you =D

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