What is going through this chick's mind!?!?!

Ok so here's the story:

Met at a party, but I was completely gone so I didn't remember much. Well, soon after she adds me to Myspace and she gives me her number and says we should hang out some time. Well, I was like ok sure and we start texting and all; setting up a date for Friday.

Friday rolls around and I pick her up around 8. We went to a local coffee shop and sat and talked for about 2 hours. Going good, I asked if she wanted to catch a movie. So we go and watch Friday the 13th seeing as we both love horror films. Well, it is going really good; we get to the end of the date and I walk her to the door. She said she had a lot of fun and I went in to give her a hug (to see if she would hold on for a few more seconds). She did, so I went in for the kiss. After that I said we should do this again some time. She agreed and we went out yesterday.

Again, the date went great. She was hinting all week that she wanted to see Last house on the Left, so ya another movie it was. She was going to party with her friends later that night, so once we got back to her house we just sat there and talked until they showed up. Once they did she Thanked me again for the night out and left, no kiss this time...

So I assumed she wasn't felling it and that I should cut my losses and go. But then this morning she texted me just saying how much fun she had last night and told me thank you again.

Now I'm a little confused haha...If she didn't want to further this why would she texted me the next day? What is going through her head?


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  • She def likes you! Or she wouldn't have text you in the morning. Fact. If we aren't interested we'd want to avoid that guy like the plague, we def wouldn't text him the morning after! There could be different reasons for her not kissing you: you say her friends came round, where they there in view at the time? because maybe she didn't want to kiss you infront of anyone because I'm like that-i don't want an audience lol. Another reason could be that you didn't go in for the kiss-maybe she's thinking you're not interested in her because you didn't kiss her? Maybe she didn't want to make the first move (shyness,nervous etc).

    • Thanks...See that's were I was confused. Last night I thought she was just over me and that the date that I thought was great wasn't for her. But then her texting me this morning kinda confused me, because I didn't know why someone would do so if they weren't still interested.

      It wasn't the first move so to say though. I did give her a good night kiss the first date. But I can understand how she wouldn't want to kiss in front of her friends. Some people are just a little more shy with that.

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  • She obviously likes you if she texted you this morning. Girls are weird when it comes to PDA, especailly if you two aren't really "known" by her friends. She doesn't want things to be awkward.

    From what you've said I'm gonna go with a, yes she does like you. Just take your time and get to know her more, a relationship isn't based of kissing.

    • I know it isn't based on kissed but it was just weird that she kissed me on the first date and then not on the second. I can now see though that her friends being there could have had a lot to do with it. She is a little more of the shy type so I can understand that. I guess I just never looked at it that way haha. Thank you

  • Yeah, this girl is definitely into you. Everything xxangel1990xx said is true. She wouldn't have texted you the next day if she didn't like you.

    • Thank you for the comment. I just I was just a little confused with the whole things and needed a girls insight haha.

  • Maybe she felt weird kissing you in front of her friends. She also could have been distracted when they got there, things can be confusing at this stage in the game. If she texted you this morning there are still feelings there and you should just ignore the end of the date last night. The fact that she wanted to fit you in even though she already had plans is a good sign! Don't fret things are going well!


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