What are some nice cheap date ideas?

My "girlfriend" is planning on coming to visit me sometime. When she does we will have our first date. What are some good date ideas? I don't have much money, so they can be fun but cheap


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  • If she likes nature: park, hiking.

    If she likes animals, nature, and/or learning: zoo, aquarium.

    If she likes travel: Go for a drive, a walk, or take a train/trolly/subway.

    If she likes sports: Play sports, or watch sports at home.

    If she likes reading and/or learning: Library, book store, or curl up with a book or two at home.

    If she likes food: Cook for her (seems more appropriate for just a courting couple), or cook together (seems more appropriate for a married couple).

    If she is a "kid at heart" type: park, amusement park, play at home (possibly with her favorite childhood toys, if you know what those are).

    If she likes learning (more): museum, watch documentaries at home, watch documentaries in theater.

    If she likes sports, nature, and/or is a "kid at heart": rollerskating, rollerblading, bike riding, skateboarding, using scooters.

    If she's a thrill seeker: amusement park, horror movies at home, horror movies in theater.

    If she's artsy and/or cultural: plays, musicals, cosplay, improv, movies, art museum catering to her favorite type of art, music concerts, play instruments together.

    There are many, many things you might be able to look into doing for $50 or less (even free stuff). But, you first need to know what she likes. It's kind of key if you want to help you two to have a good first date. If it's long distance, you should want a good first date and first impression, to encourage her to see you again. You might be on a budget, but a long distance partner coming to see you is not the time to be as cheap as you can. You're already fumbling by making her have to visit you, it should be the other way around, are you a man? If you spend a little more than you liked, and it doesn't go well, at least you can say you did the right thing by trying, and that it made up for her being the one who went out of her way to see you when it should have been the other way around.

    I'm also not liking that you have the word girlfriend in quotations. Either she is your girlfriend, or she is not.

    • well I did that because we have been talking for a week. When she comes to see me, that is when we are going on our date, then we will talk about being girlfriend and boyfriend.

      Also the reason why I asked her to go see me is because I don't have a car, besides she doesn't live that far from me

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    • but it's going to be hard for her since she works and goes to school, but we will try to set up at time to meet each other

    • Good luck.

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  • - Museums on free days

    - Hiking

    - Taking a walk in the park

    - Window shopping

    - Cooking together (this is a fantastic idea and can be very cute and romantic)

    - Wandering around big stores like Ikea

    - Taking public transportation to random places and exploring wherever you end up

    - Camping in your backyard

    - Cloud watching

    - Star gazing

    - Zoos, aquariums, etc. on free days

    - Spend a day at the beach, or near the lake or some form of water

  • staying home watching movies and a pizza that what me and my girl did when I nor her had money taking walks around the town or park if one near by

  • Well picnic anywhere that is pretty is easy and cheap and all the nature settings around...


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  • Cooking together is a fun cute date idea. Lots of closeness involved in helping each other in the kitchen hehe. Plus cooking builds communication and teamwork; two things that can't seem to HURT a relationship lol. Cooking at home is cheaper than eating at a restaurant anyways! :)

    Also, pending that you DO drink, anything is more fun with alcohol. You can go for a stroll in the mall, or in the park, or around a neighborhood...with a concealed alcohol drink such as a fast food cup with a mixed drink in it (make sure you have enough time lapse so you're not drinking and driving!).

    If you have "Internet piracy" skills, you can get movies and television shows for absolutely $0. You can have some drinks and watch your "pirated goods".

    OR...you can make up drinking games for board games and video games (if yall play video games). I used to be the master at this in my undergrad days.


    If you wanna chat and brainstorm with me (especially with making up drinking games), accept my friend request.

  • McDonald's Dollar Menu :P