How to be strong when you know he is dating others?

When you are dating a guy and you two seem to really like each other, he acts into you but you two aren't exclusively dating (yet), how do you handle knowing that he dates others or has others who are interested? How should you control yourself AND protect yourself from getting too involved?


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  • SInce you are in a situation where you have to wonder 'how to control yourself from getting involved' I think you should quit on him altogether. cause you seem like a woman (like almost any other) who requires security through exlclusivity.

    You'll save yourself a lot of pain if you cut off at this stage itself.

    The other part where 'he has others who are interested' if it is because of him being someone to who women are attracted, then that is something that will probably stay life long so you got to deal with that. But if he's showing interest in them too then you refer to what's written above.


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  • If you're that far along, just ask him if he's interested in pursuing an exclusive relationship or not.

    If you've gone on like 2-3 dates it might be early, but it sounds like you're beyond that.

    My suspicion is he simply isn't interested in an exclusive relationship. In that case, you might be better off moving on.

  • I'm not a woman but I'll give it a shot.

    I'd say if he's not feeling like dating you exclusively but you're feeling like you want to date him exclusively you should let him know. If he blows you off then he wasn't worth it to begin with. If he tells you he's sadly not in-tune with this (being a gentleman about it) you should tip your hat and bit him good luck and farewell.

    Depending on how many dates you guys have been on you should know whether he should consider dating you exclusively already or not :-) Cause if he's not then he's lacking something from you (not that you're less of a woman or anything in that sense). But you shouldn't give in to what he lacks unless it's already a relationship and you're both giving love and attention to it.

    Just my thoughts. Best of luck!


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  • it's so hard I've been in that situation. if he says he is not looking to be serious you should get out fast before you get yourself more involved and hurt...

    also I wouldn't recommend sleeping with him

    it's honestly really hard unless you are one of those girls who doesn't get attached easily but I think many girls including myself do.