How crazy would I be to tell him exactly how I feel? Please help!

Last night this guy and I that I have had feelings for for a good year now hung out for a little while. Since we got back to school near the end of August the two of us started hanging out again all the time like we use to last year at school. We talked basically the entire summer so it wasn't like we hadn't talked in a while. Well like 2 weekends ago things changed in a good way. We were talking one night and I joking told him that I was I could be laying next to someone who could keep me warm and play with my hair until I feel asleep and he responded by saying I'd do it if I could... After he said that I really had the feeling that things were going to go back to how they were when we both really had feelings for each other last year and boy was I right. Last week we hung out almost everyday, and it wasn't just the usual sitting there watching a movie or anything like that. It was us in my bed cuddling and him rubbing my back and just being as close as we could possibly get. There is just something about him that makes me completely forget about all the things going on in my life when I'm around him and it's perfect. So last night when we hung out we didn't have sex but we did do some stuff which we have before and it really made me start to think... Wouldn't he much rather do stuff with someone that he actually has feelings for? I do feel like he does have some feelings for me but I know in my heart that I haven't stopped liking him since I met him a year ago and I don't know how I should tell him that after a year of being this way I think we should think about taking things to the next level. I want to be able to kiss and hold hands while we cuddle without having to worry about how it might make things weird. I would do anything for him and just want to make him happy and I just really want to be with him.

How crazy would I be to tell him exactly how I feel? I want him to know so bad because I think I want him to tell me how he feels because I have this feeling deep down that he feels the same way about me and both of us are just too afraid to say anything.

Any thoughts? Thanks!


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  • Well, it begs the question, would you rather take a risk and find something amazing or would it turn out to not be so great?

    If you're saying that this guy makes you feel complete and loved, you should go for it. Considering the fact that you two sound really close and he hasn't been hot and cold I'd say he likes you.

    Unless he's secretly a jerk and a player, most guys don't really cuddle (in the intimate way you describe at least) without having feelings for a girl.

    In all, I don't think you'd be crazy to tell him at all. Just don't suddenly pop it out. Wait for a night when you and him are cuddling or the both of you are having a feeling of mutual closeness and then ask him how he feels about you. Something like, "Hey, (insert name here), I want to say that I have really enjoyed spending time with you. I think I really like you a lot and I want to know if you feel the same." Make sure it's in your own words though, if he does then you can delve into the conversation of taking it to the next level maybe.

    • Thanks. That all definitely makes sense. I mean I wouldn't exactly say he's been hot and cold, but we did go through some things that were admittedly all my fault and out of pure jealousy but in the end it always ended up where neither of us could stand not talking to each other so we worked it out and things went back to how they were which I feel like is a for sure a good thing. That we don't like not being around each other... Thanks!

  • Tell him how you feel?

    • It's way easier said than done... I'm just afraid of saying too much

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