Is he lying or testing me or just pushing me away again?

If you have read old posts you may know my story.

Anyway, the guy in my story and I have been sleeping together since July. But known him 6 years and had sex with him previously, years before. Things have been great. He texts me right back after I text, even while at work and we have good times when together beyond sex.

Come to September - the 18th to be exact, we went out and he was in a great mood! I got hugs and tons of excitement from him. I gave him a homemade birthday card he was happy with to get more hugs and sweetness. The sex was awesome and the way he treated me was of an awesome friend as he says I am.

A week goes by and I text to get nothing. I figure he was busy with work. So I waited 5 hours to text again. It was just a simple how are you. Nothing. I get on Facebook to find the same time I texted he posted things on Facebook and then went out to the bar. Okay, whatever. I waited another week to text. Nothing. So I texted again when he got out of work, nothing. I started getting worried and asked if things were okay, nothing. So I waited and the next day and a time I knew he wasn't working I texted asking if he was okay. He got so angry! He texted me saying how I woke him up and he works 3rd shift and to NOT reply the message. 8 hours later while at work he posts on his Facebook 'she makes me so happy ;)' I am more than sure he is playing games with me now. Is he testing me? Lying? I know he said he had a great birthday on Facebook but told me horrible, so I don't know if this is just to push me away as he always has or what. Especially when its only been 2 weeks since we last had sex! Either way, can I get some advice and thoughts please?


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  • Whatever he is doing, he is wrong and full of rubbish. Time to move on... I am sorry to say that, but 1) if he is testing you, that is crap. 2) if he is lying to you, that is crap

    Really it is time to find someone that cares for you. if he asks why you moved on tell him that a few contacts over a three week period of time is just crap.

    • Thank you! I know he is wrong. I don't get why I'm the one blamed for him not saying he's busy. I just don't see how he found someone that fast unless I've been the other woman. I don't get why for three months I was 'his friend'. Someone whom he jumped when asking if we were friends with benefits and because I told him I missed him. I understand why I was being ignored if he found someone, but someone he calls a friend? And then jumps them because he did it to himself. I think I just need to talk...

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    • You may. I will be catching a flight in the afternoon... so it would be best to send me a message and I will respond back in between flights. Hopefully we can be online at chat a bit.

    • Thank you! That is perfectly fine by me. I just need someone and sometimes an outsider is also best! :]

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