Ok my boyfriend always seems to ditch me.

Last night I asked him if he wanted to hang out today, so I call him this morning and he said he actually wants to go hang out with his friend.

I obviously wouldn't care if he wanted to hang out with his friends [I'm not a psycho gf] but it makes me upset when he brakes our plans. and he does this often too. and when I told him how I felt he thought I was being an emotional girl. what do I do... do I have the right to be upset??


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  • Yes, you have the right to be upset. He's not listening to you, and he's justifying his actions by calling your complaints invalid because you're a girl.

    If he's not willing to keep his plans, he might not be worth your time. This is one instance where you should stand your ground. He may decide that he'd rather hang out with his friends, and if he does, he wasn't meant for you anyway.


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  • I think sometimes people in relationships need some time apart from time to time. now I don't know you and I don't know him, but I wouldn't be too upset with it. I would just find something to do that would make me happy. if he wants to make this breaking plans for a boys night out a habit thing then let him. you can have a girls night out anytime he does that.

  • Of course you can be upset! He obviously doesn't care about how you feel when he breaks your plans. He said he'd be there and he breaks his word.

    • That's something I hold of a great importance and that is your word. There's no excuse for continually telling people one thing and not following through. People that do this get fired.