Would half Asian and half American guy date Asian girl?

Anyone guys who are half Asian and half American!

Would you date an Asian girls?

haha you know..because you are half Asian..

Would you be attracted to Asian girls?


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  • Not quite sure what you mean by American, but I'm half Japanes- half white so I think I qualify.

    And honestly, I don't find Asian women that attractive. Nothing against them, just isn't my thing. I know plenty of guys that do though (tends to be the white ones).


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  • I know someone who is Asian and oddly enough is not attracted to Asian women. I on the other hand am white and think there are many pretty Asian women out there. Asians seem to age so well as opposed to other nationalities

  • why not just go for full white? ;) biracial Asian males are not hot

    • Because they don't like Asian girls! They only tried to go out with white girls like cheerleaders when I was in high school. Biracial Asian males are hot!

    • self-hatred is epidemic in the Asian American community, they lack pride on their Asian root

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