Does it matter how he says "good night"?

Yeah we are only texting...yeah we've been texting for a few weeks. No we haven't met...yet (hopefully)

Sometimes he says "nite *my name*" One time I said "nighty night *his name*" & he replied *nighty night *my name*"

Is there a difference between good night & night or night nite or nighty nite?

Early on Id get a couple "good morning" texts...not so much now. Is that a bad sign, even tho we text every day - sometimes for an hr...other times for 3+?

I'm over analyzing & getting my hopes up again...aren't I? :(



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  • As I think Saying good night is common but saying night night or night seems special.My condition is also like you.We've been texting for few weeks and haven't met yet.Whenever I text to my friend I send good night or good morning etc..but when I text her I try to write something different.


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