Why do girls flake on dates?

im talking about when a girl actually agrees to go out with you, and then ignores you the day of and never gets back to you with an excuse. or never calls you back.

clearly she isn't interested, but why would she agree to go out with you in the first place if she isn't interested?


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  • I don't do this myself but the only reason I can think of is that maybe she thinks ignoring someone will hurt less than saying "no, I don't wanna go out with you".

    Or, you know, because she's a bitch.

    • but she totally offered to hang out first. I said I couldn't that night cause I was genuinely busy, and I offered to hang out the next day and she agreed. next day came around, I hit her up, she ignores me.

    • Text her that, if she wants to hang out, just let you know. Don't go asking her again, it's up to her now.

    • i texted her a few days after. f*** her

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  • We do this because we see something in a guy the first time, and then they say or do something that turns us off.

    We see a red flag and instead of confronting the issue, because of bad experiences with past men who freaked out and screamed at us, we simply choose to put our heads in the sand and avoid the situation altogether.

    And sometimes we do it because we want to avoid hurting your feelings.

    Its not good that we do this, but its what we do.

    • what could have gone wrong in 24 hours? she offered to hang out, I said I couldn't, she agreed to hang out the next day, next day comes around and I get ignored.

      i just want some sort of explanation...

    • Alot of girls act "in the moment" and then change their minds.

      Also she may be regretting offering to hang out with you.

      shes playing the game of not wanting to come off easy.

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  • She may just be nervous. So nervous that she just doesn't want to tell you she doesn't want to go out, when she really does. If she thinks you're a legit dude and she doesn't want to hurt you, she wants to have "fun" before she says yes to you. It sucks butttt it's better that way.

    The girl I'm into, I think she knows I'm not a "bad" guy and that I won't hurt her. She just got out of a relationship and I don't think she wants me to be her rebound. Which sucks because then I have to hear about all the guys she's "hooking up" with, for rebound sex. It's whatever