A complicated realtionship I need help figuring out?

Alright, this is gonna be kinda long so I apologize in advance and thanks for reading all of it. I'll start at the beginning.

I met this guy a year ago through a mutual friend we had and we hit it off right away. We didn't really see each other that much at first but after a few months I was seeing him constantly and staying at his house overnight. He told me from the beginning he didn't want to date and that he wasn't ready for a relationship and at first I never pushed him or rushed him because I wasn't ready for a relationship either. So time went on and everything was going good. Eventually though I was ready for a relationship and I'd bring it up sometimes and we'd argue about it because he still didn't feel ready. Well I finally got him to agree to be exclusive with me and a few days after he agreed to that he dropped all contact with me. I tried to get a hold of him but never got an answer so eventually I left him alone. Well shortly after I found out I was pregnant. I finally told him on Facebook and he replied shocked but said he'd be there. So I took this time to ask him why he stopped talking to me and he said he'd started seeing an ex he's liked for a while again. After all that time he said he couldn't date me and then he went off and dated this girl. I was heartbroken but I moved on. He was there and supportive about the baby but 4 months into the pregnancy I lost the baby. After that all him and I did was fight and say mean things to each other so we agreed to never speak again. A few days after this I went out to the bar to just let lose after everything that had happened and, of course, he was there. He was trying to talk to me and followed me around for a bit but I stayed strong and ignored him and had a great time. Then the next time I went out he was there again. Strangely he kept showing up to bars I was going to. We weren't Facebook friends and no one I know would've told him where I was going.

So he kept showing up and when I'm drunk I'm a lot braver than I am sober so I started talking to him. Well we became friends again and he was texting me constantly. He started to send me suggestive pics of himself and was talking dirty to me through the phone ( I never replied or sent any pics to him since he was still with his gf). Well eventually we hung out at his place and he was telling me he still had feelings for me and all this stuff and the next day he broke up with his gf.

From that day on we've been sleeping together again. We've gone on dates, I've practically moved into his house, he planned a surprise birthday trip for me, we're planning a trip this weekend to a NFL game in another city,etc. So I asked him to be exclusive with me and again he says he's not emotionally ready but that he does have feelings for me. Also he's moving to oklahoma at the end of the month and he said because of that he doesn't want to get in a relationship.Is the same thing as last time happening? What should I say or do? Thanks again


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  • This guy is a wreck and completely unreliable; stay clear of him. The longer this goes on, the more toxic things are likely to get. If he can't commit to a singular relationship with you, then don't let him do things to you that people in such relationships do. He's just taking advantage of you and it's pretty scummy.


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  • Your feelings aren't mutual. He may have feelings for you but it's likely not as strong as how you feel about him. When you guys became 'friends' again he was probably was just trying his luck. Try to move on as he is moving away anyway.