Your thoughts on who should pay for the first date?

On the radio today they asked listeners to call in with their views on guys paying for first dates and it was unanimous that guys should pay for the first date.


A guy asks a girl out. Should he pay for the date?

If you think that they should split the bill then do you think that he should at least announce that way in advance instead of springing that on her last minute?


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  • The person who does the asking should pay. I'll admit that if a girl asked me out, I'd probably still offer to pay, and a lot of guys are like that. But the fact remains that if you ask a person out, you should be prepared and willing to pay.


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  • It should be 50/50, & that should go without saying. A girl expecting me to pay for her is a red flag. I wouldn't pay for her, and I wouldn't want to see her again.

  • I always split the bill, I've never paid in full. The first date is a job interview for boyfriend/girlfriend, if I don't know you well enough yet, I'm not going to blow $100 on dinner. Until we get to know each other and see if we are even that interested you should always split the bill. If a woman gets angry about being equal, then she is a gold digger.

  • It should be 50-50 no matter what. Girls make money these days. Chivalry is for guys that are suckers. Make the woman pay her share. Equality means that there's no special privileges like getting free meals or drinks. I haven't bought a woman a meal in years and it hasn't hurt my dating life. In fact, I often just invite her straight to my house to cook dinner. Girls shouldn't expect men to buy them things.

    • If you make dinner, that's essentially you paying for all of it.

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    • The point is you get to go out with a girl. If you can't see the good in that then I can't explain anything to you. But if your way works and you get everything you want, then more power to you.

    • Why would I want to spend more money than needed? I can get to know a girl just as well on my sofa as I would on a restaurant seat. You're still fairly young. I have about ten years on you. When you get a bit older, you realize that attraction is either going to be there or it isn't, and you don't buy attraction in a woman.

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