Girlfriend's guy friend's wife told him to never to text her again?

It's a mouthful.. I know, but I am curious... My girlfriend hung out and texted this guy a lot. Knew him from work. And his wife found his phone and read the text messages. Told him to never talk to her again. And they have not since. I don't know either one of them but. In a girls perspective. What could have caused this? He hid my girlfriend from her apparently. I don't know what could have caused this... What do you think?


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  • It could mean that the conversation was anything from flirty to completely sexual. You may have reason to worry.

    It could also mean that she was simply upset that he was texting a woman and not telling her, and she has no factual basis - except the lie - to be upset, in which case you may still have reason to worry.

    It could be that she overreacted and doesn't care WHAT'S going on or WHY, she just gets mad that he's talking to another woman, which would explain why he hid her from his wife. That still makes him pretty dishonest and that relationship's pretty wonky, but it doesn't have anything to do with you.

    Did your girlfriend know she was a household secret?

    Also, how did you find out? Did your girlfriend tell you?

    • My girlfriend told me about him long before this happened. And asked me if its weird that he texted her after midnight. We talked about it and then she told me that he told her that his wife seen there texts and that he can't talk anymore. She has never hid anything about him or how they chatted and hung out shopping for work.

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    • I agree wid this answer. :) very well said :))

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  • She probably didn't like the fact that she didn't know her and that she may have thought something was going on especially if they were talking all the time or late hours because that looks suspicious within itself. She might be insecure or think something is going on or she may have flirted with him or he may have a tendencie to lie or keep things from her/cheat. I mean why hide a friend if she is truly just a friend, right?

  • i dnt like when women do this crap, this why men hide everything. unless the conversation was other than friendship she should have no issues. I'm glad me and my boyfriend dnt go through this.

    some women are just insecure, can't help that

  • She's probably one of those chicks who gets mad if their guy has any form of contact with other women. I wouldn't worry, sucks for him.


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