Why would someone start texting you and then out of nowhere they don't reply?

Why would someone start texting you and then out of nowhere they don't reply. Like I have been talking to my friend Jesse that I have known since I was seven and like we were texting and all of a sudden he just stopped responding and I didn't want to seem weird so I would text him every couple of days saying hey but I would get no reply from him. I just don't know why he would do that he did even say that he needed to go or anything if was like he just vanished. I know he didn't Because he has been doing things on Facebook. I don't like when people do things like that.


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  • At the outset one (I) would say that it's simply a thing of someone's nature and no one can do much about that.

    But in your case, age also matters. He's a guy (for all that matter could happen with a girl too but generally guys) who's growing up. Lots of 'realizations' (whether right or wrong being immaterial) pop up at adolescence. It may also not be a 'realization' but just need for change etc. Could be confusion too (of sorts - don't ask me what are the confusions).

    Generally the person who's left behind is the one who wonders, feels bad, sulks etc which is what is happening to you since you didn't initiate that decision of leaving and moving on.

    I think you should forget him and move on yourself too.

    Someday he 'might' come back sauntering to you saying a sheepish 'sorry' with some reason or maybe not. But if you've let go then you are a happier person.


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  • next time he comes around tell him to f*** off