Is it wrong to give him benefit of the doubt?

Boyfriend & I have been dating for nearly 4 weeks. Last weekend I went away as did he and when he left my house Thursday he said 'see you next week'. So Sunday night rolls around and I text him asking how his weekend went but he didn't reply for hours. I thought of calling him but decided against it as if he doesn't text back, he obviously isn't on his phone, so I Facebook messaged him. He didn't reply for four days and apologized saying he left his phone at his friend's house over the weekend and didn't get it back until that day. He doesn't use Facebook very much and said clearly didn't even think of using that to contact me, but thought of going to my house but didn't know my uni schedule so decided against it. He said he was very sorry and understood if I didn't want to speak with him. It is just one mess up so I decided to forgive him. He did seem genuine in his apology and explanation, despite how stupid it is. My older sister says I'm right, some friends say I'm wrong. What do you think?


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  • Well, unless the guy has given you reason not to trust him, this is kind of one of those moments where you just have to trust him.


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  • Its still early in you're relationship, if you feel that you can trust him and he's never let you down before. N if your gut is telling you that nothing happened to forgive him, then forgive him.

  • Go with your gut a lot of times when something is up with a guy we know it but it sounds fishy to me