Why is the guy I'm dating suddenly not talking to me?

I've been dating this boy for about a month. This past week he suddenly has become really withdrawn and uncommunicative. We are not in a relationship, just dating so I'm not sure what this means. He's usually the one who initiates contact so I'm thinking that maybe he's tired of doing that? However, I've been the one texting him lately and most of the time he just doesn't reply. He did call me a couple days ago but he was really distracted and the conversation just felt odd. And since, he's not been texting me back each time I text him. What is going on with him and what should I do? Is he waiting for me to start initiating all the contact or did he suddenly lose interest in me? I'm so confused..


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  • Why don't you call him and talk? When you call someone, you get an instant response, unlike text messages.

    • I want to but I don't want to appear clingy. I mean, I've been the one texing him and he's not been replying. Wouldn't it be a little to forceful of me to call him too? I don't know.. I really don't want to come off as clingy because that's what ruined my past relationship..

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    • Okay. I think that's what I'll do. Thank you. :)

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  • is he interested in another girl? Seems like that. I dunno. maybe


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