Guys do you give up on the girl you like even after meeting someone?

I have known a guy and he has been and is interested in me. Now he is dating a girl. He even asked for my number while he was dating her, but ii declined him. Is he confused? Playing it safe? Keeping Me an option if things don't work out well between them? Or that he don't give up because I had rejected? As I am getting to know him I have a crush on him.


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  • he has a gf... don't go there until that is over.

    • thanks, but what to is your opinion on what is going on his mind?

    • I suspect that he wants to keep options open. I still think you shoudl stay away, but you could always approach him and tell him you are interested in him, but he has to make a choice, you or her.

      Perhaps if he is "dating" this other girl he doesn't think of himself as exclusive... but you don't want to become the "other" girl. So be very careful.

    • thanks. I have decided to keep my distance from him. that is the best thing to do at the moment otherwise I may being hurt.

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