Why do guys not talk to me ever again after we hang out once?

i try to make guy friends by getting online guys to come over and hang out with me but it never really works out we talk for like 5 hours and hang out and watch TV but then they never text me or call me ever again I'm wondering if they hung out with me for so long and everything was going good what happened I wait about a week to see if they text and if they don't I text hi but never get a reply I don't get it


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  • Are you overweight?

    • i didn't think friends cared about weight I am over weight but I am well porportioned so it doesn't look bad and I look lighter than I really am

    • Okay, I"m going to be harsh but truthful.

      The guys online aren't trying to see you as friends. They see you as someone they might want to date/bang. When they see you're overweight, they are going to lose interest. They are going to be too polite to tell you to your face, but that's what's happening. You aren't in a position to judge what men find attractive. My advice? Consider loosing the weight. Men like making friends with girls they could see dating/banging at some point. True story.

    • good pint...&well I'm just saying I'm attractive because that's what guys have told me but the guys that like me the most are the ones that into thick girls so its not like I'm saying I'm attractive but in reality I look like a 300 pound man lol but yeah I'm going to the gym more not because I want to make lots of guy friends just to be healthier and I wouldn't want to be real skinny just so someone would like me I want them to like me because I'm fun to be around if that means I can't have as many friends so be it...

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  • you say you're meeting them online. do they see what you look like before you meet? if not it could be your looks.

    if they know what you look like before you meet, it could be once you meet they're just not feeling the chemistry on a personality or romantic level. you say you hang out for 5 hours but are you guys having fun and a good conversation or is it just sitting around watching tv?

    • they know what I look like I send them pics and I say my weight and ethnicity and from what I can tell they seem to be haviing a good time because we have a long conversation getting to know each other and and about other things that come up but yeah I get you you need to have chemistry with your freinds too you need to click with them to enjoy being around them

    • clicking and chemistry on a social and sense of humor level has always been a deal breaker for me. If it's not there I know it's not going to work out.

    • what if you just wanna bang them as a f buds? why would you just bang once?

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  • do you go on dates or do you guys just watch tv? cause if that's it I would leave too, maybe you should try something new, let him take the lead on what you guys should do together and yes dress nicely and don't act like a weirdo

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