Suddenly no response?

So I know for a fact that this guy likes me, at least I knew he did until today. We usually text a lot and we always have great conversations and when we see each other at school he is really flirty... But today he doesn't talk to me at all. I sent him a text and no reply after getting along perfectly on Friday. Is he trying to tell me that he is not interested? Should I wait till he talks first?


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  • You're being too needy. And clingy.

    He's testing you to see whether or not that is true.

    Actually, not really -- guys don't even think about that stuff. But you should pretend that he is. That way, you can't overthink it. Kinda like you're doing now. :)


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  • IT is Saturday today, maybe he was doing something, maybe his phone broke, maybe he got hit by a bus... give it a few days before you go into panic mode.

  • so wait, just because he doesn't text back once you think he lost interest? cool your jets and be patient. He's probably busy or away from his phone. mellow your yellow.

    • Haha ya I know it's just weird because he's not the type of person that doesn't reply but you're right I don't really know why is asked

  • Try being more forward with him. Flirt a little more assertively and if he acts uncomfortable or tries to find someone else to cling to for a conversation or run away somehow... its a sure sign he is not interested. I know because I had a few girls hit on me when I am not interested and my answers include: "yep" "nope" *nod* "Hey Bill how about that homework assignment last night, you finish that?"


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