What are he signs he never had any intentions of dating you?

I am just wondering what the signs are. I think the guy I am "seeing" has no intentions of dating, so if you guys list the things you think are signs and they match up with what he is doing than I'll know my answer!


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  • from experience, id say when they don't talk much to you like you initiate conversation to get to know them more and they just keep it short and sweet and don't talk back, or they don't share their life with u, they don't even ask about your life and basically just don't form a friendship, instead they just flirt whenever they want to and play games with you stare at you and make you think theyre in love with you but really theyre not, all because they enjoy the attention you give them but they don't wanna date u.

    the guy I liked was a douchebag.

    • Sounds exactly like mine. he is a douche bag too! Haha

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    • I have the feeling that the same is happening to me either :(

    • move on from him! trust me you don't wanna go down that road like I did, getting my hopes up, waiting for him to come around, that guy will not take you seriously and go out with u! he is immature and doesn't know what love is. check his Facebook he probably goes out all the time with his real friends parties, and sees different girls all the time. a guy can say he is busy or has no time to date but on Facebook shows otherwise.

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  • He try's not to talk to you too much or be flirty. You guys take about doing things but never do them. You don't really hang out outside of school and work, or at least he doesn't make an effort to.

  • watch the eyes. guys are very visual. I tend to glance or look at the girl I am interested in subconciously. for example if I was in class with a girl I was interested in I always catch my self glancing at her or looking at her. I also focus 95% of my attention on her. its weird because I feel like I am more verbal with my interests. if a guy ever asks you to hang out that's a huge plus especially if there's chemistry going on.


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  • You tell him you want to date. when he says he does not. you know he has no intention of dating you.

    • I just asked him straight up, and he said he doesn't have time to date. When you want to date someone you make the time to date. I guess I got my answer. Thanks for the advice :)

  • he says he doesn't want a serious relationship or just wants to have fun

    i guess by dating you mean "exclusively"

    he doesn't introduce you to anyone even after a few months

    he seems to mostly talk sexual or dirty or otherwise lightly and not really getting to know you