Why am I stuck with the blame for this? He's taken!

I was interested in a guy who I thought was interested in me. The problem was that we never saw each other much, so I wasn't sure. Anyway, I asked him to do something with me but the way he responded was different than normal I cancelled plans. Regardless, it didn't matter - he was dating someone else.

Anyway, a few months later I tried again and although he initially agreed to plans he never got around to actually going with me - he blew it off. When I got upset he responded that it was my fault we didn't get together because he wanted to but I cancelled the last time and this time I didn't tell him what date specifically I wanted to get together (which I did, but after he said yes and then he never said which day was good for him).

It was only after this I found out he had a girlfriend, and had been with her for quite awhile. Why would he blame the end of our potential dating relationship on me, when he was already taken to begin with?


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  • He is an ass that is why... I mean he has a girlfriend but is willing to go out with you, already tells you that. So of course he is going to blame things on you. Move on and don't worry about it. You are fortunate you weren't the gf... poor girl.


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