Guys: What could make you lose interest in a girl you like?

Would it just instantly happen? Or would she have to do something?

My crush texted me last weekend and he was flirting with me a lot and it seemed to me like he was into me. He even apologized when his phone died and even asked me out for this weekend. He texted me until he fell asleep and when I texted him the next night saying I was free, he seemed like he was excited to go and even texted me that next morning just to talk.

But then when I asked him if he was free he told me that he would check the next day. But he never texted me that next day or the day after that. This kid said that he would check twice and that he hasn't given me an answer days later. I texted him yesterday because I just wanted some conversation. Anyway, he randomly stopped texting me and he rarely even said anything or texted me today. So I'm starting to think he lost interest ...randomly haha.


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  • Well when I lose interest it's because she's either taken, doesn't have any type of interest in me, or she said something to make me think that it wouldn't work out between us. As for your situation, not sure how to help ya on that. He could be a flirt, or he could have other things going on in his life to where he can't always text, and so on.

    • And what if she texts the guy almost every day, telling him that he should drive safely when he is leaving town, enjoy work, etc.? Will the guy also loose interest or will he see it as caring from her side?

    • That wouldn't make me lose interest, but each person is different. If something that simple would make someone lose interest, then they never had it to start with.

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  • Probably not randomly, but you may never know why. I am sorry about that...

  • This guy clearly likes you. In my opinion he stopped textin because something is going on in his life and he has no time for texting. Or maybe his phone is broken.

  • Promiscuity and very bad hygiene are the things that would make me lose interest quickly. Other things would take time, I think.

    • There are girls with very bad hygiene? I suppose there has to be actually I mean there are some idiots out there, who do things like grab food by hand without washing their hands or don't bother to wash their hands after using the toilet or think that rinsing hands under water does the job.

      I'm so hygienic I'm constantly running out of hand sanitiser lol.

    • I'm like you. I wash my hands all of the time or use sanitizer. I'm a bit of germaphobe actually, so I have a lower tolerance than most guys. Anyway, I think we'd be somewhat horrified if we knew some of the things people do.

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  • well I liked a guy then I went out and I lost interest in him :/ link help?

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