Drunk Kiss at a Party Means What?

I have been crushing on this guy we will call him "R" since I got to know him really. I see him every other week for the most part at parties and such. We have some things and common and always have good conversations. The last time I saw him I was kind of together with another guy but about to break if off. Me and "R" were having a conversation and he randomly asked me if he could kiss me. We had both been drinking. I told him that I was sorry but I was actually seeing someone. He asked who he was etc. I told him I had been crushing on him for a while.

We haven't seen each other since this drunk encounter, but I broke it off with the other guy. How should I go about pursuing "R." I need advice! I don't have his number but we are friends on facebook. Do you think he is seriously interested or was it just a drunk attraction?


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  • drunken thoughts sober words


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