Is this a date or not?

So this guy ( I'm 22 he's 23) and I are going to hangout for my birthday, we were trying to decide what to do and he said he had 2 tickets for a free game of bowling and that he had no problem using it on me. keep in mind he told me earlier he wasn't ready to date anyone but that I was pretty great. we agreed to meet at the place, but he called me and said he'd pick me up and maybe we could go to dinner after words, even though I live farish from him. I told him he didn't have too and he said " I don't HAVE to do anything, lol =p" we usually text till about midnight and we talk about everything, he said we could come back to my place if I wanted. is this a date?


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  • I think it is a date I sort of did that with my girlfriend


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