Love or fate or connection?

Have you had similar experiences?

I met a guy few years back. We were both interested in each other, but he left for studies to Australia. A year later I went to Australia too, but to a different location. I hadn't planned to go there, the opportunity came and I took it. We were not in contact though we were in the same country as he didn't know I was there.

This year we both got back from our studies. We happen to meet through a friends party (we hadn't planned). I was more surprised to find he is still interested in me. He is dating a girl. Again this weekend, I happen to be at the same restaurant where he had come with his date.

Do you think these are some kind of signs or am I just thinking too much?


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  • Honestly I don't think its a anything from the above the world is small now

    it might end up that you get together and live happily after its possible but all that isn't a sign or fate I believe...happened to me a lot before with different people


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