Am I reading too far into things with this ex-fling of mine?

Putting this story simply, I saw this girl Katie for about 2 months starting last September. It started as a fling but quickly became more than that. We were talking nearly every minute of every day, spending as much time together as possible, hooking up often, and generally enjoying each others' company. Problem is I started really caring for her, and while she cared for me too, she had NO interest in dating anyone for quite some time after semi-recent events.

I forced a conflict though. I refused to see her anymore if she didn't want to be serious, and stood by it. She was upset by it but understood. I heard from other sources she was actually really distraught by it, and frequently started writing texts to me then deleting them. I ran into her at a dance club back in January, a few months after we'd ended things and she instantly ditched the guy she'd been dancing with to dance with me. I still kept things as just friends that night but she was still clearly interested then.

I dated another girl from January up until early September. I kept in touch with Katie but it was obviously just as friends during then. Since breaking up with this other girl I've seen katie on occasion. I helped her move after she broke her arm, we caught up a bit on a couple of other occasions, and she asked the other day if I wanted to catch up with her sometime at the random little bar we met at. A mutual friend of ours insists that she still wants to hook up with me and has missed me a lot.

Is it possible she's reconsidered her stance on dating? Or is it more likely she's still just hunting for a hookup?

I guess it's also worth mentioning that when I ran into her at the dance club in January, katie knew I was dating another girl. She said she didn't like having to let me go, and insisted again it wasn't my fault she didn't want to date, she just couldn't, and that she hoped it turned out well for me.


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  • Could be that she still has strong feelings for you and still cares about you. But then it's up to her to decide if she wants to date you or not. Just ask her how she feels and what her thoughts are, it's the best way to know.


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