Is he uninterested now?

I met this guy on and he's really nice and I was instantly really interested. I initially emailed him, but we talked back and forth for about a week...small talk. I don't have pictures on my profile and he never saw me. Then he said his subscription was ending and to add him on Facebook. I said I didn't have Facebook, but he could text me. Well he never texted I ended up re-activating my Facebook for him(which I HATEDDDD doing). I sent him an email explaining that I had deleted my account, but I reopened it to communicate with him. It's been like a week and I haven't heard from him, but he accepted my friend request.

Does he just not care anymore? Should I invite him for coffee somewhere?

The first time he has seen me is when I added him on Facebook.

The thing that confuses me though is if anything I thought once he saw me that things would really get going. I'm not trying to be cocky, but I get told I should model on a regular basis. I'm not online dating because I can't find a date in the "real world"...I'm online dating because I can't find a non-shallow, quality guy in the real world.

So what should I do?


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  • true I understand good men today are slim

    and it don't mater if they black or white

    they all find a what to b an ass

    but I feel ike online isn't easier

    theres a lot of creeps on line who wanna talk dirty or get pics of u

    and he is uninterested .if he was interested .he would of texted and go out his way to get intouch with u.doin all that xtra like reactivating your Facebook and him not really acknowleding it shows his true character and something you shuldnt want or stres.

    if you wanna keep online dating go ahead but just b careful

    dont focus on emailing one dude because if one drops you it'll b easy to shake and you'll b too busy trying to decode his slience

    • at the end I mean- u'll b too busy you won't care or hav time to b trying to decode...

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  • Why don't you hit him up on Facebook and ask him what he's up to this week? There's no magic rule that says he has to message you first.

  • Too many users on dating sites are only out for attention. Forget about him.


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  • he isn't interested. don't ask him out.