Why did he send me "birthday wishes" 4 days after my BD date?

I applied for a group trip to Japan & he was one of the members.. Everyone noticed he likes me but he won't make it clear.. It was my BD 2nd of October & he sent me an email w\ BD wishes on 6th..

I don't know what's his point of being this late?

On Japan I asked every1 to write for me on my notebook when my friend handed him the pen, he wouldn't write & told her "no I'll write for her later I don't wana seem easy" ! Which I believe was uncalled f

Advise me please how should I respond ? I never responded in a needy way to his attitude yet its taking us no where.Thank you <3


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  • maybe he was embarassed that he had forgot your birthday I don't know he's obvivously trying to open up lines of communication with you


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