We never talk on the phone, should I not take him serious?

We have known each other for almost a year and we went on a date about a month ago. In the beginning when we met, I was vocal about wanting to talk to him on the phone and he said he'd call but it never happened. I didn't make a big deal out of it. We finally went on a date recently and he called me briefly before picking me up and briefly after our date. Our date went REALLY well and he has been in touch consistently ever since but it is ALWAYS only through text message. And while he does say sweet things, it is always very brief. I feel like after a month, there should be more than that now. How should I go about telling him how I feel without being pushy about it? AND being that I have to actually ASK him to call me, should I just not take him serious?


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  • Have you tried calling him? If so, has he talked with you for a while on the phone? Some people really aren't phone people, which isn't always an indicator of whether or not he likes you. Also, if he's at work or in class, calling isn't always an option. Try giving him a call and see if he can chill with having a conversation. Also, encourage him that you love hearing his voice. Demanding things usually backfires, but if you make him feel like you really like to hear from him (even if you call him first), he might just get the hint and call you once in awhile.

    • In the beginning I did call him and he did not answer. He texted me the next day with an excuse even though I didn't ask him about it . I made no big deal about it and just texted him as normal. That is when he told me he'd call and didn't. On our date, he jokingly mentioned how I told him I wanted to talk on the phone he said "who does that?!". It was all fun but he is still aware of how I feel about it. I don't want to push him to call me BUT I don't want to ONLY text either!

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    • K good point, thanks for your input I appreciate it :)

    • You're welcome dear. Glad to be providing advice you can act upon. Keep this in mind for this guy, or any future guy you date. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

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  • you should drop it lightly that you like talking on a phone and it makes you feel connected. if he texts you a lot and often he probably does like you. unfortunately texting has ruined society's communication in some ways so people who are not as naturally inclined to use the phone will text a lot especially if they are busy people