What to do when stood up?

This is a bit of a weird situation. I asked out a girl, who gave signs of liking me, and she immediately said yes, stumbling over her words. I set up the date for Saturday at a mall, just hanging out. After I messaged her about the time, though, she never responded. In fact, it said below the message that she had seen it, but I guess she chose to not reply.

Honestly, this happens all the time, with multiple other outcomes, like excuses for what happened that day, all the time. I've never been on a date before, because of this. At this point I've resigned myself to being the alien of my class, and I've pulled back into my shell.

The strangest part is, whenever she sees me, she still gives me that "I like you" smile, and says hi, like nothing ever happened.

So what do I do?


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  • Tell the truth - not just about what happened, but about how many times it has actually happened before you decided pull back into your shell.

    Because th e one commonality with guys like you, is a tendency to exaggerate beyond all rational thought.

    • All of that is the truth.

      But if I were to count how many times it's happened throughout High school, I'd say around 26 times.

      Not an exaggeration.