What should I say to my girlfriend that keeps hurting me?

Last night my girlfriend went clubbing without me, she told me two day ago she was going and I didn't agree with it but she still went and dint want to take me. So last night she texted me good night before she went clubbing, and I replied back:how can I say good night to you, when I know what you are about to do...she just said:OK I don't care. But now she hasn't texted me, and I feel like texting her bt I don't know if I should. Please give me some advice whether I should or shouldn't.


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  • Break up with her now. Girls that love to club are notorious cheaters, I speak from experience. It is obvious that she doesn't care about your concerns. Girls go to clubs in skimpy dresses, drink a ton of booze, grind/dance up against other guys who are on the prowl, and so forth. None of this bodes well for a "loyal girlfriend".

    I've been cheated on by three previous ex's, all of them found guys at clubs. Sorry, but a club is just a whore house in training. Girls will claim they just go there to dance, but what guy with a head on his shoulders is going to believe that line?

    Here's what you're going to do:

    1. Don't text or call her any more.

    2. Delete her from Facebook.

    3. Let her find her next "boyfriend" via the club.

    4. Start looking for a new girl.

    5. Ask girls up front what they think of clubbing. If they say "yes, I like it", end it right then and there.

    6. No that there's nothing innocent about clubbing, and never, ever listen to what a woman says about "just wanting to have fun". That's code for checking out new guys to hook up with.

    Be smart and find yourself a loyal and caring girlfriend who hates clubs. I've moved on from girls that have loved to club and dont' regret it for a minute.

    • All because a girl enjoys going clubbing? Wow. -__-

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    • I'm going judge girls that go into any high risk environment that don't ask their boyfriends along for the ride. That's a huge red flag and I have every intention of warning any other male user on here that is concerned. I've seen what most club girls are like and I know their motivations for going to the clubs. Most of them are not honorable.

    • k, whatever. I said my piece.

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  • The thing is, in your situation, you are both right. It is only normal and very healthy to spend time apart together and yes, that can mean going out clubbing with your friends. You should not expect her to give that up because of your insecurities however, you can expect her to be more considerate of your feelings. Just call her and tell her that you should talk, explain how you felt she was inconsiderate and that you didn't appreciate it.

  • She just wants to have space and a fun night out. Just because she's going to a club doesn't mean she's about to cheat on you.

    • So when guys want to go out to a bar with friends, does that mean that we should nag them to let us go with them?

  • How is she hurting you?

    By going to the club without you or do you not like her going at all in general?

    I mean, she's probably at home passed out.

    You knew what you were getting yourself into. She likes to club. Don't like it? Break up.

    What is wrong with her going to the club, when you trust her.

    • Shes hurting me because I don't go clubbing without her, but she does, and what hurts me is that why does she want to go byherself and not take me. And she's not passes out for hit, she works in the morning and she always texts me or I text her around 7 am.

    • It's what she wants to do. I mean, you go take a sh*t. You're not going to take her with you...

      If you're not going, she's not going to let you ruin her fun. Go do something with your buddies.

      Then, call her when she's off work.

    • what a sweetie you are!

  • Stop being dramatic


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  • I'm so sorry for what I'm going to say:-

    but yes you have to text her saying (f**k off bi**h )and kick her out of your head for ever

  • Clubbing what? Baby seals? Unsuspecting guys?

    That's out. Clubbing, without your significant other, to me suggests that you're available. Unless I'm mistaken about this, I'd dump her and move on. To me, this sounds like she's uncaring at best. Of course it's appropriate and healthy to do things with your friends and apart from your SO, but this sounds like more than just maintaining healthy outside relationships. I hope that I'm wrong...

  • You are a terrified spineless coward - insecure as hell about your relationship - and this is the most unattractive thing a girl can find in a guy. More than going bald, more than getting fat.. is to be a cowardly WIMP.

    If she cheats on you, it will be your own fault, for being such a puss.

    • I wonder why you're anonymous here? seems kinda COWARDLY to me!

    • Because some whiners really can't stand honest criticism.