Would you date a girl who tries to impress you too much, what would you do if he said this to you?

My boyfriend told me that I am trying too hard to impress him and it throws him off from our relationship and that I must just be me, I do it because I am insecure and other things (too personal to go into) and I wanna stop it.

Guys: would you date a girl who tries to impress you too much?

Girls: what would you do if he said this to you?


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  • Well, to be honest, I wouldn't have too much problems with a girl aiming to impress me unless I truly felt she wasn't being herself, to the point that I don't know her as a person.

    What exactly do you do to "impress" him?

    • last night was my schools prom night and I dressed up really nicely (took 11 hours to get ready) for him and via Twitter he asked if I was trying to impress him and I said yes, he still doesn't know why I try to impress him...he says that he feels that I should not impress him because we are dating already and he feels that I am not being myself anymore...I've tried flirting with him when I feel like it and he says I'm too clingy

    • I agree with him to a point. I do think that you're trying too hard. You don't have to take 11hrs to get ready to impress him.

      Ask him how he would like you to look; then he can answerer what specs he likes such as makeup style or clothes...and I can guarantee whatever satisfies him, won't take 11hrs to do! :-P

      In short, he feels that your insecurity is showing too much. He already likes you. Stop IMPRESSING him, and ENJOY him! :)

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  • How are you trying to impress him? What you're doing may or may not be a bad thing, depending upon the guy. More details please.

  • If she never learns to relax and be herself around me then it's not likely that our relationship will last in the long run. Nobody likes to have a partner who has no confidence. If a girl admitted to me that she's trying too hard I can be understanding and patient with her, for a while.

    Impress and flirt with him because you enjoy it, don't do it because you feel obligated to. It will ultimately make you feel happier and more secure in the relationship.


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  • I never try to impress my boyfriend as I figure he is already impressed if he's with me. I think you should do the same.