Am I not ready for dating or am I just not into clingy guys?

so I'm 18 I've never had a boyfriend I've had guys talk to me and I've liked guys but they never really showed how much they like me so then a few nights ago me and my friends invite some friends to my house we watch a movie to make this story short a guy says he likes me say he wants to have a girl to come home to (he travels a lot) he talking about how he is sensitive and blah blah blah and the whole night he is laying all over my being really clingy and it was such a turn off I thought I liked him but he was so clingy it was so annoying and then after he left I have been stressed out and annoyed every time I hear his name so is it normal for him to be so clingy does every guy do that and I'm not ready to date or is he just not my type pf guy and I am ready to date

oh and I'm not overly sensitive I hate being overly emotional
and I not into guys who ignore me but when I say he was laying all over me he keep hugging me or rubbing my arm like every 2 minutes and he doesn't know me all I've ever said to him was hi and I didn't say hhi privately I was saying hi to the group


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  • Well, who is completely normal anyway? It's not totally uncommon for some guys and girls to be clingy and demanding, but naturally not everybody is like that. If you don't like him then you don't, simple as that. He's simply not your type.

    Everyone starts fresh, nobody starts dating completely prepared for what kind of people they will meet. IMO it sounds like you at least know what you like and don't like so there's no need to think you're not ready to go out and date people.


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  • You sound like most women, ie you like guys who ignore you and seem to have more important things then you going on in their lives.

    • the thing is I hate those guys like that there annoying as well

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    • kheserthope I'm into guys I like them a little tough due to my unfortunate childhood I am a little tough emotionally so I am not even comfortable being very sensitive my self so I am into tougher guys but I'm not in to a*s hole who treat me rude

    • I'm actually not being judgemental. Or not trying to be.

      Do you find you run into guys who strike that right balance?

  • Sounds like he was showing interest but coming on very strong. If you did really like Id guess you might be OK with this. But the fact he was more of a stranger all it does is make you uncomfortable.


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  • Thank you for asking this. This exact situation happened to me recently and wasn't sure if it was me or him, I didn't think it was either of us, but felt like it helped me because at one point a relationship would get there so I was kinda thankful, and now know what I don't like, and could only think of being in a relationship if we start slow and get to know each other, not just spring things on eachother.