Guys: how soon after you start dating a girl do you try to find out her number?

The number of sex partners she has had. How long does it take you to ask/find out?


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  • I ask before we sleep together. Do you tell guys the truth, what you think they want to hear, or do you fudge a bit?

    • I have only had one so far, but I was wondering how a new man might react.

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    • Interesting. I thought it had more to do with the mileage, not the hard to please possibility. Very interesting.

    • Millage is part of it, but if you've been with 10 men, there's only a one in 10 chance we're the best lover of your history. We don't like that kind of competition because there's a 90% chance we're going to lose.

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  • I keep my thoughts on that subject to myself.

    • lol

    • Seriously though, what good will come from asking that question? Appearing to overly concerned about her past sexual liaisons doesn't bode well for the dating process. Everyone has a past, myself included. Also, I have yet to be asked that question by any woman I've ever dated, so why would I ask it of them?

  • i don't care and I never ask.

  • I don't ask, because no girl I trust to tell the truth. I mean seriously, this is an anonymous post. Are you going to tell us how many guys you've slept with? I try to find out an approximate based upon her lifestyle (Facebook usually tells how conservative or slutty a girl is based upon how much she parties, etc.)

    • Wow, using Facebook to screen the opposite gender. I guess by now that's pretty standard.

    • You can tell a lot about a girl's sexual history and personality via Facebook, as most girls love to post all sorts of stuff on there.

  • As long as she's clean, I too don't care or ask...

    • How do you find out if she's clean then?

    • I don't have to know she's had sex with x number of guys for me to know if she's carryin something I need to be aware of ya know? And if she does, I generally assume I'll find out about it on her terms before we become sexually active...

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