How would you reply to this message in a flirty funny way?

I am bored and practicing texting by flirting with milfs online lol How would you reply to this message in a flirty funny way?

Her: Oh me, oh my, you are a young'un! Lol.

Me: LOL are you scared what your friends will think? I don't like the whole cougar thing myself... For me its more like a milf stuff haha

Her: Nah, I certainly don't care what people think. It's more of we are in two completely different places in our lives and we don't have much in common! Haha. Good luck to you hun."


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  • This is what you do when you're bored?

    Try reading a book. Then you'll be smart enough to flirt with real girls.

    And the woman has obviously dismissed you.

    • When people are bored they - chill at home, eat, take a damp, take a damp again, smoke up, drink etc... and I flirt with MILFs lol

      Used a magic called - reverse psychology. Convo going again.

    • I'm just saying, when I'm bored at home I grab a book I've been wanting to read... I don't take 'damps', smoke, and only drink when I'm out and about. But then I'm not drinking from boredom, but from being social.

What Guys Said 1

  • You got stuffed by a milf. Be like "let me stick it in your ear".

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