A good and nice-looking guy who really likes me but I can't like him romatically?

So there's this guy- he is a really good guy and is kind of cute too (he can get a girlfriend, so it's not about the looks! - in case you were wondering). We get along well, we like the same things.

I met him several years ago, we were introduced by a common friend. We live in different states but he's since kept in touch with me through the years. Emails me, Facebooks me, sends me gifts through mail, just always does things that he thinks will make me happy. And they do and I appreciate them.

But only problem is, I can't seem to like him more than a friend.

I don't know what it is. Is there something wrong with me?

If I date him (agree that we date exclusively), will my feelings eventually change? Has any of you experienced this?


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  • 1. You're in a separate state. Most people aren't into long-distance. I'm guessing he's one of them, unless you talk to him and convince him otherwise.

    2. A lot of really attractive guys are single for a reason. Most of them prefer NSA sex partners, because they know they can get girls through their looks alone. Not all are this way, but odds are on that if he's as hot as you say he is, he's getting plenty of action without having to have a girlfriend. Having a girlfriend is more work, if he just wants sex.

    3. He could like you as just a friend and nothing more. Either that or he likes you as more than that, but isn't comfortable telling you how he feels.

    4. If you really want to know, why don't you tell him how you feel about him and if he's interested in a relationship with you?

  • If you don't like him, you don't like him. THe chemistry is not there for you. I think it would be kind of off of you to date him when you don't remotely reciprocate the same feelings he has for you.

    It would be one thing if you did like him, but just weren't sure how much, but isn't the case.

    Being that he seems to be a very nice man, I think to give him a false hope would not be very nice to him... and I suspect you would feel very badly if you did.

    it seems to me that you should just enjoy the friendship you have with him. If ever pushes, you may need to make sure the boundaries of friendship remain, but otherwise, just enjoy his friendship. One day maybe your heart will change. In the meantime as long as you are not giving him false hope and legitimately enjoy his friendship, it is up to him whether he hangs on or moves on. Hopefully this is a friendship that will stand the tests of time and life.


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